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Our professional team is well geared to handle the latest in local investment incentives, tax laws, labor laws, business regulations, accounting procedures, information technology and other fields which are evolving very rapidly in Yemen and the region.

Our mature, lean and dynamic structure has made us well placed to take on the challenge of a future prosperous Yemen.


Assist our clients to take on such a challenging environment.


This profile is aimed at giving you a brief outline of our auditing and consultancy team, backed by an efficient and reliable workforce, all part of ADEEB SHA'LAN professionals.


ADEEB SHA'LAN's auditing dates back to 1989, when licensed as a certified auditor. Since then until now is operating as an Accredited Certified Accountant, and a member of several authorities and bodies related to the profession, locally and internationally.

Our firm provides professional services to many entities working in various fields and activities, so far we have been serving many clients in Yemen.

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Accounting Services

We are specialized in providing professional services related to the applied laws, in this regard the main role of ADEEB SHA'LAN firm, is to provide companies, institutions, other entities and individuals with Auditing , tax review assistance and accounting consultations that are necessary to organize their business in compliance with finance, taxation and business laws and bi-laws that are related to their activities.
Our firm undertakes to verify records and accounts of our clients to assure accuracy and integration of information within the financial statements. We also utilize technology in our work, specially up-to-date accounting software to conduct and analyzing financial statements accurately and effectively. Therefore, what our firm does, is considered very important to various legal entities of companies, individuals and other establishments in ensuring compliance with laws and legislations of finance, taxation and business, as well as achieving a successful and profitable financial performance.

Professional Profile of Firm Team

The workforce participating in our office activities, consist of a group of personnel enjoying qualified education and practice, along with widely experience in the various professional fields. They participate in planning and designing work programs and perform their tasks as a team-work.

1st – The Proprietor and director of the Office :

Name: Adeeb Ali SHA’LAN

Educational Qualification:

  • Diploma of International Tourism & Hotel-management, (I T H) Salzburg, Austria – 1975.
  • Bachelors of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce and Economy, Sana’a University – 1980

Auditing Licence

Obtained auditing license in 1989, working since then as Certified Accountant to several public and private, Yemeni and foreign firms and companies.

Membership & Affiliation

  • Yemeni Association of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Yemeni Centre of Conciliation & Arbitration.
  • American Accounting Association. Florida, USA
  • Arab Organisation of Certified Public Accountants. Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Arab Society of Taxation. Cairo, Egypt.
  • Arab Federation of Accountants and Auditors. Cairo, Egypt.
  • Chief of Central Appeal Committee at Tax Authority, Yemen, 2013-2019.

2nd Certified Accountants :

  • Licensed and dedicated to profession

Having audit license and entirely engaged to profession, they participate in planning and performing our firm tasks.

  • Licentiate and professional Practitioners

Having audit license, they are authorized to practice audit tasks through licensed and certified firms.

3rdAuditors of different experience Levels : 

  • Senior Auditors

Scientifically qualified with long working experience in private, public and semi-public sectors.

  • Assistant Senior Auditors

Scientifically qualified with medium working experience, they work under the supervision of senior auditors.

  • Juniors and Trainee Auditors

Scientifically qualified with some working experience, they work under the supervision of senior auditors and assistant senior auditors.

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