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Our professional team is well geared to handle the latest in local investment incentives, tax laws, alms tax law, labour laws, business regulations, accounting procedures, information technology and other fields which are evolving very rapidly in Yemen and the region.


What we do

We are specialized in providing professional services related to the applied laws, in this regard the main role of ADEEB SHA’LAN firm, is to provide companies, institutions and other entities with auditing, tax review assistance and accounting consultations that are necessary to organize their business in compliance with finance, taxation and business laws and bi-laws that are related to their activities.


Accounting and Book-keeping

This service is aimed at providing our clients and firms who wish not to bear the cost of a full time accountant with the benefit of a fully fledged accounting department of a large firm.

Hence, we do not only provide our clients with integrated accounting service conducted in accordance with International Accounting Standards & Yemeni laws but also without the burden of incurring substantial costs.



Auditing practice is aimed at providing clients with financial statements in conformity with International Accounting Standards and the applied laws.

The audit includes various tests and procedures that are required by the Yemeni laws and International Standards of Auditing.


Internal Audit

Our office provides internal audit services for specific purposes that are digitally supported to benefit from automation, analytics, and dynamic and accurate risk assessment that aligns with activity and business strategies in order to help our clients anticipate risks and put the right processes and controls in place today to meet the challenges of the future.

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